Amanda Watson

Program Coordinator

I started jumping late in the season 2015 here in Alberta. Spent most of 2016 sitting on the ground waiting for the Manitoba winds to die down so I could be in the sky.  In the spring of 2017 I cut away from the corporate world.  

Being around dropzones full time I've learnt a lot and obtained my B & C CoPs, C1, C2 and GCI along with a 230 jump season (all in Canada!).  Looking into 2018 my sights are set on obtaining my SSI, TI and PFFI ratings while working with two Alberta dropzones.    

Days before the ASPA position was posted my rigger said "wherever you are, whatever you do, get involved with the community" and the position of Program Coordinator seemed like my chance to get involved with the skydiving community in Alberta.