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I am very happy to announce that Dave Withrow will be joining the ASPA Board of Directors as Secretary.  Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to help ASPA support skydiving in Alberta! 

Jumping since ‘93 with almost 9000 jumps, Dave has all the instructor ratings, is a tandem examiner, and is everyone’s favourite Alberta rigger.   He is also currently training to become an iFly instructor. One of his favourite things to do is deal with skydiving paperwork.  Hobbies include skiing and snowboarding in winter, paddle boarding and couch time in the summer.

Welcome to the BoD Dave! 

We are very happy to anounce that Aaron Keith Andrew will be joining the ASPA Board of Directors as Vice President. Aaron brings a unique mix of professional experience and passion for skydiving that will be a huge asset to ASPA!

Aaron is an experienced freefly skydiver and a decidedly mediocre tunnel flier (on the best of days). He has over 1,100 jumps and has participated in bigway and angle camps throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Arizona, Florida, and Spain.

For the first time, you can register for ASPA provincials ONLINE.

Two big benefits:

  1. You can save time and hassle doing paperwork when you arrive at the event.
  2. You can even pay online with a credit card and avoid the need for cash at the event

If you prefer to pay with cash at the event that choice still exists and you can choose it on the form. Filling in the form and paying cash still saves the paperwork hassle. Just remember to bring the EXACT amount in CASH to the event. Making change at an event is a hassle and we might not have credit/debit card devices at the events so CASH means bring a $20 bill.

There's a new format for the 2020 provincials: Mini-Meets !!!

ASPA is bringing back Alberta Provincials in a new format for the 2020 Season!
The skydiving landscape has changed a lot over the last five years making it very difficult to run a traditional one-day Provincial competition.

This season Provincials will be held over a series of five mini-meets at each of the active Alberta dropzones covering off the most popular skydiving disciplines

Click here for more information

Happy Easter everyone!

Quick follow up from the AGM- all of the outstanding 2019 subsidies have been cleared up and cheques are in the mail.

There is a lot of uncertainty around how the 2020 skydiving season will look as all of us adapt to the changes that COVID-19 has thrown at us.

ASPA still plans to offer its members access to these great programs for the 2020 season:

- Certificate of Proficiency Subsidy
- CSPA Rating Subsidy
- Manufacturer Rating Subsidy
- High Performance Athlete Funding

Click the link below to check out the ASAP website for more details. Contact the ASPA BoD if you have any questions.

We are planning to bring back Alberta Provincials in a new format and add other exciting programs!