CSPA Ratings Subsidy Program


Coach 1

Coach 1 is the first rating you need to attain in order to obtain any other ratings within CSPA. It is a very exciting course, because you learn the fundamentals of how to teach skills. The course will not only teach you to teach others, but will be a great opportunity to develop your own skydiving skills and knowledge. Because the best way to learn anything is by teaching it!

Coach 2

Coach 2 presents a great opportunity if you feel a passion for coaching. It is an active and a very intense course, where you learn how to analyze skills more thoroughly, teach Relative Work, and set appropriate goals for your students. It is an essential step prior to taking a PFF course. Great experience and a lot of fun! You must be a CERTIFIED Coach 1 to take the Coach 2 course.


Do you usually get excited just talking to first jump students at your dropzone about skydiving? Do you enjoy saying: "how was your jump?" to the person who just landed from their first skydive? Then you should think about taking this course. 

Skydiving School Instructor

Do you enjoy teaching? Meeting people from different backgrounds every day? Are you passionate about sharing your love for the sport with others and introducing the first-timers to this fun, exciting, and challenging world? Become a Skydiving School Instructor, and you will be doing all that! Our province definitely needs more instructors to teach these courses.

Progressive Freefall Instructor

This senior instructor rating requires a lot of commitment and skills from the candidates wishing to take the course. However, the reward of actually making people 'real skydivers' in less than 10 jumps is absolutely incredible! If you love coaching and enjoy instructing, you will definitely enjoy PFF. Our Dropzones need more instructors, so if you have the qualifications and willingness to do it, consider this rating. You must be a CERTIFIED Coach 2 in order to take your PFF rating.

The pre-requisites for these ratings, as well as a lot of other very valuable information, can be found in the PIM Manuals and on the CSPA website

If you are an ASPA member residing in Alberta, take a rating course and you certify that rating by completing all of the after course requirements in the required time, you will be eligible for a  CSPA Rating subsidy from ASPA.

Please complete the form below to apply for the subsidy and submit it as soon as you certify your rating.  A delay may disqualify you for this subsidy.

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