Online Registration

For the first time, you can register for ASPA provincials ONLINE.

Two big benefits:

  1. You can save time and hassle doing paperwork when you arrive at the event.
  2. You can even pay online with a credit card and avoid the need for cash at the event

If you prefer to pay with cash at the event that choice still exists and you can choose it on the form. Filling in the form and paying cash still saves the paperwork hassle. Just remember to bring the EXACT amount in CASH to the event. Making change at an event is a hassle and we might not have credit/debit card devices at the events so CASH means bring a $20 bill.

You can find the Event Registration Form here

It's easy to find the Online Registration form in the future. It's on the list with all the other forms in the menu at the top right of the website.