Things change - People move - Stay calm and keep on jumping

Last year Amanda Watson took on the position of Program Coordinator with ASPA and she has been great. Fortunately for Amanda, she has found a new place to sharpen her skills and have fun in southern Ontario. Unfortunately for ASPA, this means that we are once again looking for someone to take on the position of Program Coordinator.

You can find the job description here

Please submit your resume to Phil Perry by emailing [email protected] The closing date for submissions is July 10th.

ASPA has new Program Coordinator! If you jumped at Alberta Skydivers in 2017 you probably met Amanda Watson.She's an active skydiver and eagerly working on more ratings. We are really glad to have Amanda on the ASPA team.

As of this moment Amanda is enjoying warmer skies in the south and getting her jump on in the USA but she'll be back in Alberta and active with ASPA soon.

You can learn more about Amanda and the rest of the ASPA team here




Hi all,

After many years in the position of Program Coordinator for ASPA Tina Connolly has decided to concentrate on her many other activities. There are not enough words to express our thanks for the many hours and dedication Tina brought to her years with ASPA. Thankfully Tina has agreed to stay on until her replacement is found.

CLICK HERE for the job description

The Competition closes on Monday, 21 August, 2017 at 6 PM. Resumes are to be sent to [email protected] in MS Word or PDF Format 

The Annual General Meeting will be held April 1st, at Skydive Big Sky

All members are invited to attend, catch up on what is happening in the Association, and vote. Your membership must be current; renew easily through the online portal, see the tab under 'Programs'.

In addition to the usual business, the positions of President and Secretary are up for the vote. If you are interested in running, contact the office at [email protected] for more information.

Lunch will be provided, and Big Sky will be open for business!

The agenda and other paperwork are posted below, just click on the words to go to the pdf documents.

See you there!

The process for submitting requests for the CoP and Ratings Subsidies has been updated. No longer will you have to fill in a PDF form and send a copy of your CSPA membership card to ASPA. We now use electronic forms and your CoP or Rating will be verified on the CSPA database.

A new electronic form has also been implemented for the Non ASPA Course subsidy as well.

Look in the top menu for a list of all forms by clicking on Forms