Certificate of Proficiency Subsidy Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage and help facilitate the development of both coaches and skydivers in our province. To this end, ASPA offers to subsidize jumpers working on their 'A', 'B', and 'C' CoP. Our goal is to encourage skydivers to achieve their FS (Formation Skydiving) endorsement and group FS endorsement, and to attain their progressive CoP's, by offering a subsidy after your CoP is achieved. The following subsidies are offered to ASPA members:

  • Members that earn an 'A' CoP are offered a $200 subsidy.  
  • Members that earn a 'B' CoP are offered a $150 subsidy
  • Members that earn a 'C' CoP are offered a $100 subsidy 

The jumper is responsible for covering all costs up front, and then after completing the endorsement, applying for the subsidy from ASPA by completing and submitting the Certificate of Proficiency Subsidy Application Form below, and submitting same along with a copy of your current CSPA card showing the CoP acheived. 

Please note, this subsidy must be applied for in the same calendar year as the endorsement was achieved.


  • Jumper must be both an ASPA and CSPA member in good standing
  • Fill out the form below and submit it with a copy of your current CSPA card showing your new CoP.
  • Any additional fees charged by the coach is the responsibility of the skydiver.

Please complete the form below to apply for the subsidy and submit it as soon as you earn your CoP. A delay may disqualify you for this subsidy.

CoP Subsidy Program Form - Click Here